The boiler and hot water makers shown in the following pictures are part of a larger system that heats and provides the hot water for a 23,000 sq. ft. home in Cherry Hills Village.  This home has over 25,000 feet of Uponor Wirsbo 1/2” tubing installed.
(2) 120 gallon SuperStor Indirect, Stainless Steel Hot Water Makers supply most of the hot water while (2) 45 gallon SuperStor Hot Water Makers supply the rest.  Due to the size of this home, multiple mechanical rooms were utilized for different areas of the home.  
(3) Munchkin 199M boilers with Vision III control heat about 15,800 sq. ft. of the home.  A Munchkin 140M heats about 4,600 sq. ft., including the garage, and a Munchkin 80M heats the remaining 2,600 sq. ft.  
                      Before                                                            After
Changing out your old boiler for a new, more efficient model is a great way to update your system and save money. Radiant Floors, Inc. frequently performs boiler change outs.
This beautiful 8,000 sq ft Parker home has both a radiant floor heating system and a small 350 sq ft snow-melt system. The home and 900 sq ft heated garage have 17 zones. The radiant heat is provided by a Triangle Tube Prestige Solo 250,000 Btu (wall hung) boiler (shown below) and a Triangle Tube 80,000 Btu heat exchanger provides the snow-melt. A Triangle Tube Smart 120 gallon side arm provides the domestic hot water.
This HTP Contender MC50, 50,000 Btu (wall hung) boiler heats a 950 sq ft detached garage in Denver. 1/2” Watts Radiant Pex tubing was installed on top of 2” Dow Rigid Board Insulation (R-10).
A 1,900 sq ft Denver home built in 1915 gets an updated radiant floor heating system. It is heated with a HTP Munchkin Contender MC 80, 80,000 Btu boiler. The home has 6 zones. An Ultra SuperStor SSU60, 60 gallon side arm provides the domestic hot water.
The boiler and side arm on the right provide the heat and hot water for a 6,700 sq ft  home plus 950 sq ft garage in Bow Mar. The boiler is a Triangle Tube Prestige Solo 250,000 Btu and the side arm is a Lochinvar Squire SITO 80 gallon. There are 14 zones in this ranch home. The boiler on the left (also a Triangle Tube 250) is for the 2,300 sq ft driveway and front porch snow-melt system.